Winter Watering


The seasons have definitely changed and we are into winter now. Here on the KZN coast this means short but beautifully sunny, warm and dry days with cooler nights. This sunshine seems to be encouraging lots of plants to blush and bloom; including the ionanthas, bulbosa gigante and brachycaulos shown here.
Further north and inland areas may experience colder and drier conditions; in the winter rainfall areas you will start to get cooler wetter weather.
Watering and then drying out within around 4 hours are key parts of Tillandsia care; you will need to adapt your care regime to the changing conditions.
If it is cool and dry increase watering but do so at a time when the plants will dry out after watering and protect from extreme cold.
If it is wet then reduce your watering and watch that plants do get chance to dry between waterings, check bulbous plants to ensure they don’t hold water between their leaves.
Here we will increase watering but balance that with the heavy dews we are getting in the mornings.

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