Spanish Moss


Spanish Moss, Old Man’s Beard- Tillandsia usneoides. Lots of us have it hanging in trees in our gardens, without really understanding what it is and how versatile it can be. T. usneoides is part of the Diaphoranthema subgenus of Tillandsia. There are several forms of the plant, we sell 3 ‘thicknesses’, fine medium and coarse. It can grow into huge, long clumps of plants and will look more green in more moist conditions. If you do have a large clump, ensure that it gets enough air circulation to allow the centre to dry out between waterings and give it a good shake now and again to release any dry dead pieces. It can be split easily and used in all sorts of creative ways,there are a few in the images below. If you look carefully you may also spot beautiful tiny yellow-green flowers.

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