Covid-19 Precautions


Rare and Air is operating through the lockdown.
Order from for delivery throughout South Africa, payment by EFT or credit/debit card.
We are following protocols to keep us and our customers safe to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
We are a small family business and so have limited contact with anyone outside the immediate household. We are screening for any Covid-19 symptoms.
We wear cloth masks and practise hand hygiene during packing of plants and clean work areas regularly.
We suggest that customers disinfect parcels before handling them and wash your hands immediately after receiving and opening your parcel.
Please don’t use sanitiser on your plants though! The plants are all grown outside and are handled minimally. You may wish to spray them with water and leave them untouched for a few days to lessen any potential risk.
If you so wish on delivery you are welcome to request that the driver places the delivery & waybill at your door and steps back 2 metres allowing you to sign the waybill in full with your own pen and take your delivery inside and close the door with the signed waybill outside which the driver will retrieve.
Stay safe and keep gardening, it’s good for the soul!

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