Making babies!


One of the marvellous attributes of Tillandsias is that they reproduce vegetatively by making pups or offsets. This means that you can have more plants to seperate and gow on elsewhere or form beautiful clumps. It is interesting that not all Tillandsias offset in the same way. Most Tillandsias are monocarpic, flowering once in their lifecycle and before or during flowering produce pups. Often these are produced at the base of the plant like the T.fasiciculata and T. caput-medusa shown here but other such as T. flexuosa are viviparous and offset from the flower spike. There are also examples here of a viviparous T. Baileyi, it usually offsets at the base but occasionally does so on the stem. T. intermedia offsets at the base and on the spike to produce chains of plants. It isn’t always the case that the plant must flower to produce offsets. T. utriculata ssp pringlei or Pringle’s Spreading Airplant produces masses of offsets to form fabulous balls of plants. Flowering and offsetting is also affected by conditions and climate; we grow large clumps of T Peru Inca Gold and T Houston which rarely flower if at all but flower regularly in other areas of the country, particularly those that get a cooler winter period.

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