T fuchsii and filifolia

Tillandsias fuchsii and filifolia.These plants are real gems in a collection. They both have fine leaves and pin cushion shapes with long delicate flower spikes.

T filifolia has green leaves with dark purple or chestnut sheaths. The flower spike is green and maroon with deep violet petals. It grows epiphytically in medium to low light and regualar moisture, it like humid conditions so water regularly.

T fuchsii has silvery fine leaves and cherry red bracts with purple petals. As this plant has more trichomes it prefers bright light and will prefer a regular soak rather than more frequent misting.

As with all fine leaved Tillandsias these plants like plenty of good air movement. T fuchsii has a couple of different varieties available, the more common one is T fuchsii var gracilis with a lovely pin cushion shape and long fine leaves. T fuchsii var fuchsii has shorter leaves, creating a denser rosette and is more slow growing.

Clients sometimes complain that these small plants disappear, blown away on the wind! We find that they work well mounted either on wood or glued onto a pebble.

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