July Plant Combo


The July Combo is made up of 4 plants that I love but are underrated.  For this month only they are available at the special price of R240 for 4 plants.
T secunda is a beautiful large growing plant, that can be ounted or potted and produces masses of pups along the flower spike after stunning deep purple flowers.
T harrisii has a beatiful tight rosette of silvery leaves that blush purple in bright light and a striking red flower spike.
T butzii has a pseudobulb with mottled leaves that resembles snakeskin.
T schiedeana has a fabulous star shaped form with red flower spikes and contrasting yellow petals.  It makes great clumps.

T secunda- medium plant, T butzii- medium plant, T harrisii-medium plant, T schiedeana- clump of 2-3 plants.

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