Year-End Combo


For our final monthly combo special of the year we have put together a selction of plants that represents to variety of airplants available.

The combo consists of the following 6 plants.

Neoregelia Fireball- this mini neoregelia goes deep red in bright light and is very versatile, it can be potted or ounted and produces numerous pups.

Tillandsia flabellata- a tank type Tillandsia that works best potted in bark, soft straplike leaves that flush marron in bright light with long lasting red flower spikes. (dispatched bare rooted).

Tillandsia funckiana- a gorgeous Tillandsia, with fine needle like leaves and striking red flowers. (single plant)

Tillandsia harrisii- beautiful open rosette of leaves that are silver coloured and purple in bright light, (single small plant)

Tillandsia bulbosa- a great example of a green bulbous plant that looks like a little alien. (single medium plant)

Tillandsia usneoides Fine- lovely form of Old Man’s Beard that is exceptionally fine and deliate, workes best when well watered and in filtered light (small bunch).



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