Top 5 Beginner Plants Combo


We have selected these 5 plants as our top beginners plants, as they are easy to care for and rewarding.  The selection gives you an idea of the range of Tillandsias available, all are single medium sized plants and the combo is discounted, compared to buying each individually.

Tillandsia aeranthos– this airplant is easy to grow and adapts to lots of different conditions.  It flowers reliably, usually in Spring and often has another flush later in the season with pretty purple and pink flowers.  After flowering the plant produces plenty of pups and so forms dense clumps quickly and easily.

Tillandsia stricta– stricta has finer leaves than aeranthos so will dry out a bit more readily and likes a bit of humidity but is also easy to grow with long lasting blooms and flowers easily.  Stricta produces clumps quickly and looks fabulous hung to form a ball of blooms.

Tillandsia ionantha– This airplant undergoes a dramatic change before flower in, the silvery green leaves flush a deep and dramatic red colour, before pushing out a violet flower. Usually you will get 2-3 pups after flowering and can get pretty clumps quickly. Tillandsias ionantha’s compact shape makes it a favourite for using in décor, it works well in glass items or fasted onto wood or even pebbles.

Tillandsia capitata Peach– this plant is a great way to start growing larger plants.  It has a lovely open shape and the leaves flush a gorgeous peach colour in bright light which intensifies before flowering.  It likes lots of bright light and can handle a bit of neglect but will reward you with a stunning flower.

Tillandsia caput medusae– this is a good one to add interest to your collection with a bulbous plant that is easy to care for.  T caput medusae is best hung upside down or at an angle so that any water can run out from between the leaves.

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