Tillandsia mallemontii


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Brazil 0-800m

Very pretty clumping species, fine silvery leaves with fragrant purple flowers. Thrives in airy conditions.

Sold in small and medium clumps.

Images with tape indicate size of plant available for sale.  Please note plants do vary, we endeavour to provide a plant as close to the size indicated as possible.


Additional information

Light Requirements

Filtered Sun, Full Sun


medium water, Semi-dry


Medium clump, Small clump

2 reviews for Tillandsia mallemontii

  1. Hoomapathie (verified owner)

    Plant quantity was good but leaves was dehydrated n all flowers dried

    • Ruth Mathias

      We are pleased you are happy with the plant quality. T mallemontii is a fine-leaved plant, all plants are watered 2 days before shipping to allow them to dry before packing them and this is why we advise customers to water on receipt of their plants. These plants flowered in late summer but we leave the flowers on in case they provide seed and to encourage pupping. If you don;t like the look of the previous seasons flower spike you can cut it off.

  2. GABRIEL (verified owner)

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