September Plant Combo


The theme of this month’s combo is variations.  Plants which are variations or versions of plants more common in collections.

T schiedeana Green, this variation of schiedeana has bright green leaves and a totally yellow flower, perfect for Spring.

T caerulea is similar to the more commonly used T mallemontii, it has fine leaves, makes great clumps and bubblegum scented flowers.

T scaposa, was formerly known as ionantha var scaposa.  It it has a similar form to ionantha with finer leaf tips that open up, it flushes pink before blooming.

T velutina, this has a simialr form to T brachycaulos and also flushes deep red throughout on flowering.  However it also has soft velvety leaves.

The combo is available for the special price of R230 until the end of September.

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