August Plant Combo


The August Combo is made up of 4 plants with spiky or grass-like leaves. For this month only they are available at the special price of R240 for 4 plants.
Tillandsia fasciculata- beautiful large growing plant with stiff leaves and a striking colourful flower spike.
Tillandsia ‘Juncifolia’ has long thin grassy leaves that flush red/orange on the tips in bright light and produces offsets on stiff stolons.  Plant in the combo is a mature plant with 1 or more offsets attached.
Tillandsia remota, a plant that isn’t as well known as it should be, produces full clumps quickly, with grassy leaves and delicate white flowers.
Aechmea recurvata var benrathii, this is a super spiky plant with the most amazing pink blooms.  It can be grown potted or mounted with a small amount of medium.
The August combo is available until 31 August 2022 only.

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