The Dragon Tillandsia Garden


At the recent Witness Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg we created The Tillandsia Dragon Garden.  Since we specialise in Tillandsias which are native to South America we were inspired by Alaru, the mythical serpent monster.  We wanted to show off how creative you can be with Tillandsias as you aren’t tethered to any form of growing medium, or even gravity.  The dragon moves independently, lights up and is made entirely of airplants.  He drifts through his enchanted forest home filled with beautiful specimen plants of Tillandsia, Vrisea, Neoregelia and Nepenthes, amongst others.

We loved watching the reactions of members of the public to the garden, surprised when they realised that the dragon was indeed slowly moving on his own and spending time examining the variety of beautiful plants on display.  Many children throughly enjoyed spotting to frogs and lizards dotted about in the undergrowth and explaining to us in great details all about dragons.  One little girl was terribly worried that the dragon would have to be dismantled- I want to reassure her that he is safe at the Rare and AIr nursery and currently looking for a new home.

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